Toddler Instrument Set (24-36 Months) SKU: 5-30-00901

SKU: 5-30-00901

Toddler Instrument Set (24-36 Months)

Whether your family is registered for a Kindermusik class or you’re just interested in adding the perfect multi-instrument pack for playtime, our Family Class Sets have everything you need! Get these hand-selected, age-appropriate components to maintain the highest safety standards and spark development wherever you are! 


Our Toddler Set for ages 24-36 months contains:

  • A pair of (sturdy!) One-Bell Jingle Sticks 
  • A pair of wooden Rhythm Sticks, great for tapping out early beats
  • A pair of Kindermusik Egg Shakers, perfect for creating soft and loud sounds
  • A pair of Kindermusik Sand Blocks, ideal for early dexterity development
  • A Kindermusik Scarf to boost imaginary play


Take your toddler’s Kindermusik class and/or at-home experience to the next level with this on-the-go set, and watch the love for learning soar! 

Color may vary.

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Do not use close to the ear! Misuse may cause damage to hearing.
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